*keliatan gak gambarnya?*

Tulisannya :

To follow Park Jungsoo, wherever he leads us
To cheer for Kim Heechul at any cost
To respect Hangeng in his every decision
To sing with Kim Jongwon, every note and every melody
To accept Kim Youngwon, as well as his flaws
T0 appreciate Shin Donghee, regardless of appereance
To adore Lee Sungmin, every side of him
To watch over Lee Hyukjae, as he rocks the stage
To support Choi Siwon in everything he does
To protect Zhou Mi and his beautiful smile
To give strengh to Donghae, when his tears threathen to fall
To take care of Kim Ryeowook, the way he cares for all of us
To believe in Kim Kibum no matter what
To listen to Cho Kyuhyun, for as long as his voice exist
To stand by Henry Lau, everystep of the way
To cover the world with Pearl Sapphire Blue,
To love Super Junior, for as long as my heart allows me to.




Can you do that ELFs? 🙂


3 responses »

  1. park seulhyo says:

    . . i’ll do the best for my second family, super junior and elf 🙂

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